By Burton Fleisher from Burt’s Food Blog!

Two weeks ago I was invited to the Grand Opening night of the Himalayan Restaurant in Gurnee. This location is their 3rd Chicagoland area restaurant. And I’m happy to say, that I was treated to a great meal.

Indian and Nepali Food Buffet

Now I know this means that this isn’t one of my usual incognito drive-by reviews, but, be that as it may, I tasted the food with no less criticality than any other restaurant that I visit, and still, it impressed me.

The owners seemed a tad bit surprised by the volume of first night visitors; apparently the restaurant depraved denizens of the Gurnee-Waukegan area have been keeping their eyes peeled open for the Himalayan’s opening also. But they visited and greeted each table with warm welcomes to the new establishment. I think it made for a lively dining experience, and it kept the food moving and fresh.

The food spread was done buffet style, featuring both Indian and Nepali dishes. Everything I tasted was delicious and prepared wonderfully. Which I think speaks to the owners experience with their other two restaurants; cook only what you can handle, and cook what you do well, especially during opening week.

In reviewing the enormous menu which offers take out & delivery, there is much to be explored here that goes far beyond the buffet I experienced that evening.

Taste: 8
Experience: 7
Value: 7 (based on the menu prices)
Score:  7.5