An Evening to Benefit Nepal Earthquake fundraising Dinner was held at Himalayan Restaurant – Nepali and Indian Cuisine on 13th May 2015. A total of $22,465 has been raised. Online tickets sales and donations total $13,064 and an additional $9,401 raised is the result of ticket sales at the door and donations received at The Himalayan.
Thanks to The Himalayan Restaurant and the amazing staff for putting on a great event and Himalayan Restaurant team also would like to thank Keith & Kelly (Boskers), David and Cathy (Shaprios) along with all participants.


A big thank you goes to the Himalayan Band who put on an awesome show with some nepali classic, hindi and american songs. Band members, Mr. Vishal Makey, Subodh Pokharel, Niraj Shrestha, Suchitra Tamrakar, Niraj Shrestha, Tenzing and Mano – amazing job.

Donation Tracker

Online ticket Sales (Global Giving) $        13,064.00  $  13,064.00 Global Giving – Keith & Kelly
Checks for NAC $              451.00  $        451.00 NAC
Niles / Gurnee Cash donations and Ticket Sales $          4,572.00  
Credit Card Ticket Sale – Niles$          1,510.00  
Checks for Himalayan $          1,609.00  
Credit Card Ticket Sales – Gurnee $              915.00  
Himalayan Restaurant – Niles/Gurnee Lunch$          2,300.00  
Cash from Gurnee$          1,585.00  
Tshirt Sales$              870.00  $        870.00 
Himalayan Restaurant – Niles Momo Nite$          1,490.00  
Himalayan Restaurant – Niles Momo Nite Donation $              120.00  
Himalayan Restaurant – Gurnee IL $              750.00  
Robert Dai$          1,000.00  
ELCA (Bishal Maskey)  $  10,000.00 Mr. Bishal Maskey
 Paid to Nepal (Chyasal Youth Club)   $    1,500.00 Tripal Purchase and sent via WU Mr. Ramakant Kahrel
 Online Donation (Sabi Maharjan Dangol)   $        100.00
 Online Donation (Sachin Maharjan)  $50.00
 Online Donation (Ganga Ghar)  $100
 Online Donation (Ghanshyam Sharma)  $100 
 Chyasal Youth Club Nepal   $    4,000.00 Sahadev Byanjankar
  $        30,236.00  $  30,235.00