There are many wine types but listed below are the ones that Himalayan Restaurant carries and also happen to be very popular wine.

Cabernet Sauvignon: Expressive red wine, aromas and flavors
consist of black currant, black raspberry, mint, cedar and chocolate.

Chardonnay: Complex white wine ranging from crisp and light to
rich and heavy. Flavors of subtle fruit to rich vanilla, butter and toast.

Malbec: Aromatic red wine known for its ripe blackberry and floral
notes and rich mouth feel. Delicious spice, vanilla and mocha notes.

Merlot: Silky red wine known for flavors of plum and black currant. Oak aged characteristics include spice, mocha and leather.

Pinot Grigio: Expressive white wine that can be light or full-bodied. Flavors include melon, pear, lemon, apple and spice.

Pinot Noir: Smooth red wine, light in body and low in tannin.
Flavors consist of strawberry, raspberry, cherry, chocolate and cedar.

Riesling: White wine that ranges from bone dry to extremely sweet.
Flavors include passion fruit, ripe peaches, apple, mineral and lime.

Sauvignon Blanc: Known as a classic dry white wine. Flavors
include gooseberry, grass, citrus and tropical fruits.