Now serving: Grand Lunch Buffet every Sunday in our Niles location. We also have created a Family special meal and Express lunch deals that is available everyday. Thank you.


Lunch buffet at our Niles location is an everyday affair. It’s pretty popular among our guests from near by office and local businesses.
Array of balanced vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes are serve during lunch hours.

Usually on the buffet we have Salad bar, Appetizers, Vegetable dishes, Non-Vegetarian dishes, Naan, Soup and Dessert. Most of the items we put out during buffet are North Indian Style, Nepalese and some Indo-Chinese. Spices are Mild to Medium and sometimes few items spicy such as Vindaloo or Shrimp Curry.

Sunday are GRAND Lunch buffet. Choices are more on these two days and guests seem to love it. We also add one tawa (flat wok) dish on Saturday and Sunday. Tawa dish could be typical Nepalese stir fired noodles, Chowmein, or deep fried Momo Dumplings or Chicken chili. Some of the popular vegetable items are:

Palak Paneer
Farsi Bhaji
Aloo Gobi
Malai Kofta
Paneer Tikka Masala
Bhindi Masala
Kathmandu Dal
Vegetable Biryani
Tandoori Chicken
Butter Chicken.
However among meat lovers, the most popular dish is goat curry. It’s very popular in southeast Asia (Nepal, India, Bhutan), Korea, Philippines. It’s a staple food of Nepali cuisine.

Grand Lunch buffet time is Noon to 3:00 pm (every Sunday)

Lunch BuffetPreparing buffet everyday is a challenge for our kitchen staff. Making sure not to put out the same type of food everyday is a difficult yet fun task, really. Also having balanced diet dishes is also very important and we all work diligently make sure that’s the case. Constant feedback from out regular and new guests is a must and our outside team does an excellent job to build that relationship daily.

Every year during Mother’s day we put out family style kid friendly Grand lunch buffet. It’s been a tradition for us here to celebrate this auspicious Mother’s day with our guests and family.
Here is what we had on 2014 Mother’s day lunch buffet.

Apart from lunch buffet, one can also order from the menu and during business hours, we have a special set of Quick Bites Lunch menu: Chicken Lollipop, Khati Rolls, Pau Bhaji and Biryani. We have also introduced a Family special meal and Express lunch deals.