Do your kids love pizza? 

Like most families, the answer to that question is yes!

If you are interested in introducing your kids to a unique, but delicious pizza that the whole family will love, the Himalayan restaurant in Niles is introducing a variety of Spiced Masala Curry Pizzas that are sure to take pizza night to a whole new level.

Especially since the pandemic hit, our Himalayan Spice Masala Curry pizzas are becoming increasingly popular.

Kids and adults will love the wide variety of types of pizzas: Tikka Masala Pizza (with chicken or vegetables), Makhani Pizza (with chicken or vegetables), Vindaloo Pizza (with chicken or vegetables) or Palak Paneer pizza.

The use of curry in the tomato base makes these pizzas extremely flavorful.

The pizzas are spiced, but not spicy. However, customers have the option of adding heat to their pizzas as well.

Although the concept of the Himalayan pizzas may be new to the area, some popular restaurants in the Bay area have been offering these delicious pizzas for quite some time and customers are loving the pizzas that are packed with so much flavor.

Try a Spiced Masala Curry Pizza and introduce your kids to new flavors!

Currently only available at our Niles location. Order below.

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