We did all vegetarian catering for a Baby Shower on Sunday March 23rd 2014. Total guest count was 55 and out of this, 5 guests needed Jain food.

Jain food (diet) is a religiously or spiritually motivated vegetarian diet that excludes one from eating onion, garlic and many root vegetables such as potatoes and tubers. The concept of this form of diet is based on the principal of non-violence.

The challenge to Himalayan Restaurant with this particular Indian food catering was to accommodate menu for guests that practice Jain diet. We worked with our Host and then with our kitchen staff and came up with the following items for the catering.

Total Number of People: 55

3 Appetizers
Vegetable Samosa (Non Jain)
Chili Pakora (Jain compliant for everyone)
Veg. Spring Rolls (Non Jain)


3 Entrees
Mutter Paneer (Jain compliant) –
Malai Kofta (Non Jain)
Fansi Bhaji 5 people (Jain)
Daal Makhani (Urid Dal -Made Jain Compliant)

Naan for 45 people/ Whole wheat Paratha for 10 people (Jain Compliant)
Jeera (Fried Cumin) rice
Pistachio Kulfi (Indian Ice-cream)

All menu items was made ready and delivered at 11:00 AM as promised. Himalayan Restaurant would like to offer our sincere gratitude to the host for giving us this catering opportunity.