Nepali Momo – Chicken Vegetable

Nepali Momo – Chicken Vegetable

Nepali Chicken and Vegetable Momo – A very popular majestic Nepali dish/snack. So, what is Momo? WARNING: Nepali Momo is addictive!! Momo, Chicken Momo, Buff Momo, Vegetable Momo) is the Nepali version of dumpling.

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Pinot Gris or Pinot Grigio?

Pinot Gris or Pinot Grigio?

I came across this article on the Wall Street Journal. I found it to be interesting and thought I post this on our blog. This article high lights the essence of one of the finest white wine Pinot Grigio. It also outlines the type of food that goes with Pinot Grigio.

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Authentic Indian and Nepali cuisine for newbies

By Sara Lugardo from Chicago Asian Community Examiner Finding an exciting alternative to the same old mundane restaurant scene in Chicago can be a daunting task. Sushi houses can be hit or miss, Chinese takeout can be all too familiar and game day food like chicken wings and pizza is not the epitome of excitement.

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Himalayan restaurant’s fish curry, as seen on Groupon ad: But is it really amazing?

By Kevin Pang of Chicago Tribune Amid the uproar of Groupon’s controversial Super Bowl ad mocking Tibetan geopolitical troubles, we lose sight of what’s truly important: just how amazing is that fish curry at Himalayan restaurant? Firstly, I take issue with Timothy Hutton using the word “amazing.” The word is so saturated in our culture that it has lost all…

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Indian Cuisine Reaches New Heights in Gurnee IL 60031

Online food blogger Mr. Burt’s take on our newest Himalayan Restaurant located in 3747 Grand Ave, Gurnee IL 60031

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Cumin is the seed of a small umbelliferous plant, a member of the parsley family. Cumin is available dried, or ground to a brownish-green powder and is one of the most essential spice of Indian and Nepali cuisine.

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Himalayan Restaurant: A Culinary Journey to Nepal

By Vivian & Michelle from Recently Vivian and I were lucky enough to be invited by Kiran and Jennifer of Himalayan Restaurant to do a tasting of their menu, which is Indian and Nepali cuisine.

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Himalayan Restaurant: Beer and Indian Food Paring

By Kent Palmer from Chicago Beer and Indian Food I had the pleasure the other sunny day to visit a Chicago-area Indian restaurant to pair the food with authentic Nepali and Indian cuisine.

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Black Cardamom

Black cardamom (also known as brown cardamom, elaichi, thảo quả and tsao-ko) is a plant in the family Zingiberaceae. Its seed pods have a strong camphor-like flavor.

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Ginger takes its name from the Sanskrit word stringa-vera, which means “with a body like a horn”. Ginger is essential spice in Indian and Nepali cooking.

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