Himalayan Restaurant is proud to announce the partership with Yeti Activity, CraftyHandMt. Everest Restaurant Evanston IL, Sahadev Byanjankar, Ram Krishna Singh and Chyasal Youth Club for the Earthquake Relief funding.

We are trying to raise $9000 (collection break down at the bottom of this page) for the Sajilo Napkin project proposed by Chyasal Youth Club, Ram Krishna Singh who is associted with Ear Care Nepal.

Total collection so far:

No. Name Address Donation Amount Paypal Cut Total Acount
1. Niraj Shrestha and Northland laboratories Niles, IL $300.00 $9.00 $291.00
2. Mt. Everest Restaurant Evanston, IL $1000.00 $0 $1000.00
3. Vas Investments San Antonio, TX $200.00 $0 $200.00
4. Himalayan Restaurant Niles, IL $1000.00 $0 $1000.00
Total $2491.00


Devastating earthquake, 7.8 in rector scale in magnitude, that hit Nepal in area near Barpak, Gorkha on April 25th has left more than 8000 people dead, 16,000 injured and 400,000 houses completely damaged affecting almost 1/3 of total population directly/indirectly.

Ear Care Nepal (ECN) a charitable organization originally working with an aim of “Prevention, promotion and conservation of Deafness in children of Nepal” shifted its focus from deafness to earthquake relief and rebuilt work during this national calamity.

With the news flowing in from various local and international media, ECN came to realize the scope of the destruction and havoc it has caused. We were in traumatized state for first 72 hours and could think of nothing. But deep in our heart, we knew that we have to move and act fast to help those most affected by the earthquake.

With international relief material flowing in and most of them being focused on basis need like food and shelter, we decided to look on the area that is important but neglected. After few session of brainstorming, we decided to focus on women sanitation, especially during vulnerable state of menstruation period. Still to this date in the remote villages, during menstruation, women are isolated to a cowshed, barns, hut or cave, exposed to danger because they are believed to be impure. The reason being, sanitary pad and underwear not being used, menstrual blood would flow out, leading to foul smell.

This is a kind of invisible Gender violence. Thus to help marginalized women, the idea of “Sajilo Napkin” [Easy Napkin] was born. Whole team concluded that it is simple yet the most effective project ECN can undertake to help women in remote most effected villages.

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Nepal Earthquake

Sajilo Napkin Set

Team worked on the package [items to be included] and the cost it would incur to implement the idea. Here the cost breakdown of the project.

S.N Items Unit Price Quantity Total
1 Sajilo Napkin Rs. 36 10,000 3,60,000
2 Underwear Rs. 80 5,000 4,00,000
3 Soap Rs. 22 2,500 55,000
4 Logistic 20,000
5 Labor 35,000
Total Rs. 8,70,0000

All these materials will be used to create 2500 packets of Sanitary Sets. Each set will include

Sajilo Napkin

1. 4 Sajilo Napkins [Cotton Napkin, prepared by local community woman, reusable]

2. 2 Underwear

3. 1 bar of soap

Project Duration: 1 Month

Thanking you,

Dr. Milan Maharjan


Ear Care Nepal

Nidan Hospital, Pulchowk, Lalitpur, Nepal www.earcarenepal.org earcarenepal@gmail.com

For donation:

Ear Care Nepal

Himalayan Bank