Holi is a spring festival of color and love, primarily observed in India, Nepal, and other regions that have significant Indian and Nepali populations. It is celebrated in late February or March with singing, dancing, and most notably, bright colored dry powders and colored water that everyone throws at each other in good fun. Food and drinks are a large part of the celebration with one of the Holi delicacies being “bhang”. Bhang is a drink made from cannabis, milk, sugar and spices and is considered “Lord Shiva’s nectar”.

Himalayan Restaurant celebrated Holi this year with food and festivities on Sunday, March 16, the day before Holi. Family, friends, and guests were invited to indulge in Himalayan Restaurant’s authentic Indian and Nepalese food, as they tie-dyed t-shirts in homage to Holi being the spring festival of color. While no bhang was offered, guests got a taste of Holi and colorful t-shirts to remember the celebration.