Farsi Bhaji

Suitable for:
Farsi Bhaji is made of long green beans with grated coconut cooked in coconut milk with Indian spices. Ghee, tomato, mustard seed, kadi patta, dry chilli, coconut milk, cashew sauce. It is popular for it rich coconut flavor. It is usually ordered by customers who prefer their dishes mildly spiced and customers who like coconut flavored dish.

Spice Level:
Customers generally preferred this dish mild. Kids love it mild and upon special request we can also make it Hot or Extra hot.
It is a popular dish among our customers who prefer a non spicy entree or an entree with a rich coconut flavor.
How to order
Farsi Bhaji is usually ordered with Naan and/or Rice, Peas Pulav. Each serving is usually good for one to two people.
Complementary dishes
Chicken Tikka Masala, Tandoori Chicken, Reshmi Kabab
Complementary drinks
Beer(w/mild) : King Fisher Wine : White, Pinot Noir Traditional : Mango Lassi
How to eat
It is eaten by dipping the naan in the sauce or by pinching the beans and sauch with a piece of naan. It can also be eaten by mixing with your rice dish.
The origin of Farsi Bhaji can be traced to the state of Maharastha in India around the metropolitian Mumbai area. Farsi refers to people of Persian origin who has settled in India since a long time. Hence legend has it that it was a dish conceived by the Farsi community who perfered coconut in their dishes.