Dal Makhani


Dal Makhani is a popular north Indian dish made with whole-black lentils simmered until tender, seasoned with ginger, garlic, and herbs. The preparation of Dal Makhani begins with whole-black lentils, which were pre-soaked overnight, being fried with ginger, garlic, and onion. To this, desired amount of Indian spices normally, cumin, coriander and turmeric powder are added. Finally, cream and butter along with tomato sauce is added to give it a rich and tangy flavor.

Spice level: Customers generally prefer Dal Makhani to be medium but upon request we can make it mild, hot or extra hot.
Kids friendly: Yes
Popularity: Dal Makhani is one the most popular vegetarian dishes at our restaurant.
How to order: Dal Makhani is usually ordered with breads, includes Naan, Garlic naan, Roti, or Rice dishes. One entree is normally good for one to two people.
Complementary dishes: Aloo Gobi, Chicken tikka masala, Vegetable Jalfreeje, Tandoori Chicken How to eat: Dal Makhani is eaten by dipping the naan breads in dal itself or by mixing it with the rice dishes.
Complementary drinks: Beer(w/spicy) : King Fisher Beer(w/mild) : King Fisher Wine : Red Traditional : Mango Lassi, Pineapple Lassi

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